Monique Regan started Macro Fitness with the belief that exercise and fitness should be for all ages and all levels of fitness. She is a qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and a certified Barre Ballet instructor with a background of ballet and dance. With her Cert 3 and 4 in personal training and group fitness she has completed components of nutrition, anatomy and physiology. She also holds First Aid Cert and CPR. 

Exercise is wonderful for everyone to develop and maintain good strength, core, stamina, endurance, weight loss, flexibility and most importantly improving your stress and self-esteem. It increases endorphins and helps alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. It’s not just about appearance but most importantly health from within including good cardiovascular system, respiratory system, bone density and a healthy heart.

You only get one chance at life so why not make the most of it and live your life to the fullest potential. Monique has experienced her own fitness journey after the birth of her first child. Sports and fitness have always been apart of her life but due to a hard pregnancy she was on rest. She gained a lot of weight and knows the struggles of waking up each morning to look in the mirror and be disappointed.

Monique enjoys helping people reach their goals when they thought their goals were un-achievable. Everyone has to start from somewhere, everyone is unique, everyone has a battle in life. Exercise is for everyone, Some may need safe modifications, gentle encouragement and sometimes people just need a kick start and someone to show them the way – with no judgements!


Personal training is available at Macro Fitness. Personal training is a personalised plan tailored to suit and cater for the clients individual needs, health conditions or injuries. Motivation is sometimes difficult to maintain. Some people prefer private coaching. Personal training sessions will help keep you motivated to stick to your fitness schedules, reach your personal goals quicker and much more efficiently. Having a personal trainer helps to establish a lifetime exercise habit and to help you reach your goals or obstacles that may prevent you from exercising.


Assorted Group Fitness training is available at Macro Fitness. Each class contains a warm up, main component and cool down/stretch. Group fitness sessions range from 30 – 60mins. They’re fun, motivational and help you reach your fitness goals. Group fitness training helps you to have a consistent, well-structured plan to achieve great results. They provide a great foundation to build strength, lose weight or tone your body.


 At Macro Fitness we have a variety of services available. We help clients individually with weight loss, posture correction, muscle tone, core strength, pelvic floor strength, cardio fitness, endurance, recovery, muscle building and flexibility.

Classes now available in Sutherland Shire - Barre Ballet fitness - two highly desirable classes from the Eastern suburbs Barre studio - @theBarre Amplify and @theBarre Tone - new releases and new tracks. Fun, upbeat addictive classes that sculpt and tone the body, repair and restore. Varieties of Pilates, Yoga,Tai Chi and light weights throughout classes. Classes that burn calories fast! 


These beautiful programs fuse Pilates, fitness training, yoga, Ballet and various dance forms together in a total barre class. Using the Ballet Barre, resistance bands, small balls, weights, gliding discs and yoga blocks we integrate the fundamentals of Pilates, a strong core workout, functional joint protecting, low impact gym exercises and dance for a complete all round fun-filled workout. We will also teach you to avoid injury as our belief is in 'prehabilitation' i.e. prevention is better than cure!


Barre is a timeless way of exercising that will bring you desired changes of body, mind and spirit. Offering variety in our classes is the key. Each class is structured with its own unique combination of exercises, integrated with the latest trends in music, fun golden oldies, and innovative workouts to challenge our participants and offer choices in what barre workouts suite their individual needs and bodies.


We are committed to assisting and inspiring you along your new fitness journey through barre. We love to evaluate your goals and discuss ways to implement them, encouraging you all the way to reach your personal goals and success. 

@theBarre Amplify is our signature class. A strong challenging low-impact, high-intensity cardio and strength workout to fun popular music using balls, weights, stretch bands and gliding discs as an added extra! Most important is the fun element! The music is great! You will learn expert technique to avoid injury, gain stamina and focus on endurance. This timeless way of exercising will bring new vigour and energy, through imaginative workouts. This program will bring you definite body changes and desired results!

What are gliding discs?                                                                                                                    

  • Gliding discs are designed to slide smoothly on carpet or hardwood floors

  • Allows you to do smooth, graceful movements that firm and tone your muscles

  • Great for adding a new component to your upper and lower body exercises                                                                                         

Benefits include:

  • Cardiovascular endurance

  • Strengthening and lengthening of muscles using full range of motion

  • Concentric movement

  • Eccentric movement


The gliders target:

  • Lower body

  • Glutes

  • Hamstrings

  • Quadriceps

  • Inner thigh

  • Outer thigh

  • Upper body endurance using biceps, triceps, pectoralis major and minor

  • Backs, Lats, scaps, traps!

@theBarre Tone (Formerly known as Lyrical) is our signature class. It is done to romantic music and is a graceful, flowing, dynamic combinations enhancing flexibility, improving balance, reinforcing the core to re-shape your body. But don't be fooled! When slower isometric movements are applied it intensifies the workout, targeting the fascia and increasing strength in all areas of the body! Using yoga blocks, stretch bands and small balls you will be surprised at the intensity of this workout. You will learn and experience how we integrate Pilates fundamentals, yoga stretch techniques encourage long lean limbs without bulk, Gym workouts with small weight create bone strength and shape, Ballet and Dance techniques gain stability, balance, endurance and tone. Offering variety in classes is a key to its success. This will change the shape of your body!


Benefits include:

  • Breathing techniques to strengthen the intercostal muscles

  • Strengthening and lengthening of muscles using full range of motion

  • Concentric movement

  • Eccentric movement

  • Stretch and tone


The balls and bands target:

  • Hip placement and strength

  • Glutes

  • Hamstrings

  • Quadriceps

  • Adductors

  • Abductors and I.T. Bands

  • Upper body stretch and strength using biceps, triceps, chest

  • Shoulder strength, injury prevention, healing and stability

  • Backs and spinal lengthening, strengthening and blood flow

Introducing our new registered program BiiT! A uniquely challenging @theBarre twist on a HIIT class, Barre Intensity Interval Training is our new low impact, fast paced and increased heat barre class. Featuring a fusion of ballet, dance and gym movements that make the heart, lungs, and muscles stronger. Aerobic workouts increase the amount of oxygen in the blood to raise cardio fitness, burn the calories and contour the body. This class utilises the core while keeping you on your feet the whole class, no floor work needed. Come along and raise your heart beat, burn the calories and sweat it out to fun, fast paced music! Anyone can do this class no matter what level of fitness, or cardio strength you have, as classes can be taken at your own pace and your fitness levels increases with patience and practice. Created by our very own @theBarre dancer and owner Liza Gishen-Kloeckner, A freestyle class, @theBarre BiiT is refreshed constantly with new music, added moves and increased intensity to keep you motivated and on your toes!  Using small weights, balls, gliders, and bands we bring you a fun fuelled class that will have you coming back for more!

 Barre Core Restore - Gentle Core exercises that will help support Diastasis Recti Abdominal Repair (abdominal muscle separation) AND also help support a weak core. These exercises will help tone up your mid section and strengthen your core. We focus on the deep transverse abdominis muscles - and progress safely to strengthen the obliques. They're very gentle exercises that will help strengthen your core muscles - effectively and importantly - safely. These exercises are also wonderful to help support a stronger pelvic floor. Abdominal exercise can help repair and restore Postnatal Abdominals. This series is also suitable for those that would like a gentler Barre class and need gentler exercises to strengthen the core. We use Pilates gliding discs, Pilates balls, Yoga blocks and mats, resistance bands and light weights. Mixture of upbeat current pop music and soft flowing music. Beautiful series. 

Barre Core - 30 mins of deep Core blasting and burning, focusing on the whole core area - those deep transverse abdominis muscles, Obliques, rectus abdominis, outer abdominals. Shaping and toning your waist.  Strengthening the core will ease lower baxck pain and helps prevent injury. It also helps provide good posture. Options of levels available. We use Pilates gliding discs, Pilates balls, Yoga blocks and mats, resistance bands and light weights. 

Beginner Barre classes are available to ease you into our beautiful Barre programs. New releases and new tracks, upbeat current, fun pop songs, mixture of Barre, light weights, resistance training, Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. Exercises that lift, sculpt and tone the body. These classes are fun with upbeat modern pop music. We can offer clients that need an push extra advancements. In this program we offer our clients progressive options to help them strengthen and reach their goals. Pilates gliding discs, Pilates balls, Yoga blocks and mats, resistance bands and light weights.

Barre Buns -

What a fun program. Upbeat and fun Old Skool music, Hip Hop, R&B & Pop music classics. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Destiny's Child, Usher, Kylie Minogue, Salt N Pepa etc... Classes are fun and addictive. Exercises that work the whole body, specifically focusing on the "Buns" glutes, thighs, inner thighs and calves. Upper body tracks and core work to strengthen and sculpt the body to provide good posture and strength. Core tracks that strengthen those deep transverse muscles to help relieve or avoid back pain. Variance of levels available. 

Burn calories fast! We use a variance of equipment from light weights, resistance bands, Booty bands, Small Pilates Balls, gliders, yoga mats and blocks.

Barre Renew -
Beautiful series with soft flowing music. Restorative exercises, gentle yoga stretches, fusion of Barre and Pilates strengthening exercises. Whole body work out, light cardio, Yoga stretch and release track, gentle core track, upper body resistance band work, legs and glutes exercises for to help strengthen. We offer a series of exercises that help strengthen the pelvic floor. We use resistance bands, small pilates balls, booty bands, gliding discs, Yoga blocks and mats. 

Personal Training - 

At Macro Fitness we offer our clients a full comprehensive PT plan. Each client is offered an initial consultation where we collaborate information about their health needs, conditions, goals and expectations. Each client will be offered fitness and health assessment with their initial consult. We construct a plan suitable per individual. Each session is a full body work out - top to core to toe. On going support and mentoring. Full support during workouts to ensure correct form and technique. Progressive exercise plans to achieve effective results. Nutrition and health tips to stay on track. 

Circuit Training - 

Low impact, ladies only circuit training. Range of activities using light weights, Dumbbells, Barbells, witches hats and cones, stepper, kettlebells, Yoga mats, weighted balls, Pilates balls. Circuit is a variation of upper, lower body exercises and gentle core work. Full body workout. Full support to ensure correct form and technique. Can use light weights and chose gentler options. Can increase intensity. 


 Strength Training, Seniors Group Fitness and Indoor Boot Camp.  

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